로그인 회원등록 비번분실
Donald McInnes 비올라 레파토리

Primrose의 수제자이며 미국내 최고의 비올라교사중 한명인 USC음대 Donald McInnes교수의
비올라 레파토리로 레벨 I~IV까지 분류 했으며 etude 역시 등급별로 나누었다.

Level I
Amran, D. The Wind and the Rain
Bach, CPE Solfeggietto
Bach, CPE Sonata in G minor
Bach, JC Concerto in C minor
Bach, JCF Double Concerto in Eb major for Viola & Piano
Bach, JS Air, for Viola & Piano
Bach, JS Aria, "Bist du bei mir", for Viola & Piano
Bach, JS Sinfonia for Viola & Piano from Cantata #29
Bach, JS Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring
Bach, JS Fantasia in C minor for Violin & Viola
Bach, WF Three Viola Duos
Baker, M. Counterplay
Bartok Forty-four Duos for Two Violas
Beale, J. Ballade, op. 23
Berlioz Aria from Damnation of Faust for Voice, Viola, and Piano
Bizet Adagietto
Bloch Meditation & Processional
Boccherini Sonata in G major
Bohm, C. Perpetual Motion
Brahms Soft Strains of Music Drifting
Brahms Two Hungarian Dances
Bruch Kol Nidrei for Viola & Piano
Campagnoli Theme and Variations for Viola & Piano
Cannabich, C. Six Duos for Viola & Violin
Carter, E. Elegy
Cassado Requiebros
Chopin-Vardi Nocturne in C# minor, op. posth.
Chopin Nocturne in C minor, op. posth.
Chopin Prelude in E minor, for Viola & Piano
Chopin Prelude in Bb major, for Viola & Piano
Collet, H. Rapsodie Castillane for Viola & Orch.
Corelli La Folia for Viola & Piano
Corelli Sonata in D minor, op. 5 #8
Creston Suite
Dargomyzhsky Elegy
Debussy The Girl with the Flaxen Hair
Debussy Beau Soir
Dittersdorf Sonata in Eb major
Dello Joio Lyric Fantasies for Viola & Orch.
Donizetti Romanza for Voice, Viola, & Piano
Dvorak Bagatelle, op. 47 #3
Dvorak Sonatina, op. 100
Dvorak Two Waltzes
Eccles Sonata in G minor
Eichner Six Duets, op. 10, for Violin & Viola
Faure Apres un reve
Faure Elegy
Faure Lamento
Faure Sicilienne
Fick Prelude in C minor for Solo Viola
Fiocco Allegro
Flackton Sonata in G major
Frescobaldi Toccata for Viola & Piano
Gal, H. Suite, op. 102a
Gardano, A. Variations on "The King's Hunting Jigg"
Glazunov Elegie
Glazunov Meditation, op. 32, for Viola & Piano
Granados Orientale
Handel Sonata in E minor
Handel "Where'er you Walk", for Viola & Piano
d'Hervelois La Chambor (Allemande)
Hindemith Meditation
Hindemith Trauermusik
Hoffmeister Concerto in D major
Hovhaness Talin-Concerto for Viola & String Orch.
Howells, H. Elegy for Viola, String Quartet, & St. Orch.
Hummel, B. Sonatina (1971)
Hummel, B. Sonatina No. 2 (1973)
Hummel, J. Sonata in Eb major, op. 5 #3
d'Indy Lied
Joachim Hebrew Melodies, op. 9
Joplin Solace
Kreisler Liebeslied
Kreisler Liebesfreud
Kreisler-Oppelt Preghiera (In the Style of Martini)
Krenek Sonata for Viola & Piano
Leclair Six Sonatas for Two Violas
Liszt Romance Oubliee
Loeffler, Alfred Sonata for Viola & Piano
Loeillet Sonata in F# minor
Marais Five Provencal Dances
Marcello Sonata in G major
Marcello Sonata in C major
Marcello Sonata in F major
Minsky, A. Three American Pieces for Unaccompanied Viola
Moor, E. Prelude, op. 123
Mozart Three Sonatinas, K. 439b
Onslow, G. Sonata in A major, op. 16 #3
Nardini Sonata in F major
Nardini Sonata in F minor for Viola & Piano
Paganini Moto Perpetuo
Paradies Toccata
Piston Interlude
Poulenc Air Grave
Porter, Q. Speed Etude for Viola & Piano
Primrose Londonderry Air for Viola & Piano
Purcell Air & Dances for Viola & Piano
Purcell Sonata in G min for Viola & Piano
Rachmaninoff Vocalise, op. 34 #14
Ravel Pavane for a Dead Princess
Ravel Piece en Forme de Habanera
Ries Perpetuum Mobile
Rimsky-Kors. Dance of the Jester
Roussel Aria
Schubert The Bee
Schubert Litany for All Soul's Day
Schumann Three Romances, op. 94
Serly, T. David of the White Rock
Shostakovich Adagio
Sitt, H. Concertpiece, op. 46
Stamitz, K. Concerto No. 1 in D major
Stamitz, K. Concerto No. 2 in A major
Stamitz, K. Six Duos for Two Violas
Tchaikovsky Nocturne in D minor, op. 19
Tchaikovsky Valse Sentimentale, op.51 #6
Telemann Concerto in G major
Telemann Concerto in G major for Two Violas
Telemann Sonata in D major
Toch Three Impromtus for Solo Viola
Vaughan-Will. Fantasia on Greensleeves
Vaughan-Will. Four Hymns for Voice, Viola, & Piano
Vaughan-Will. Six Studies on English Folk Songs
Veracini Largo
Verrall, J. Sonatina
Vivaldi Concerto in D minor, op.3 #6
Vivaldi Sonata in A major
Walter, D. Hommage to Casals

Level II
Bacewicz, G. Polish Caprice
Bach, JS Brandenburg Concerto #6
Bach, JS Six Cello Suites
Bach, JS Three Gamba Sonatas
Bach, WF Sonata in C minor
Bates, D. Suena, Gestures & Interludes
Bax Legend
Bax Sonata for Viola & Piano
Beethoven Seven Variations from the "Magic Flute"
Beethoven Trio, op. 87, for 3 Violas
Beethoven Two Romances
Beglarian, G. Diversions for Viola, Cello, & Orch.
Benjamin, A. From San Domingo
Benjamin, A. Jamaican Rumba
Berkeley, Lennox Sonata in D min. for Viola & Piano
Biggs, J. Invention for Viola & Tape
Binder, CS Sonata in D major
Bloch Hebraique Suite
Boccherini Sonata in A major
Boccherini Sonata in C min. for Viola & Piano
Borodin Nocturne & Scherzo
Brahms Two Songs
Bruch Double Concerto, op. 88, for Viola & Clarinet
Bruch Romanze, op. 85, for Viola & Orch.
Burkhard, W. Concerto
Burkhard, W. Sonata for Solo Viola, op. 59
Carter, E. Pastoral
Castelnuovo-Tedesco Sonata for Violin & Viola
Castelnuovo-Tedesco "Suite 508" for Viola & Piano
Chailley, Jacques Sonata for Viola & Piano
Chihara, P. Duo Concertante for Violin & Viola
Clarke, R. Sonata for Viola & Piano
Cooley, C. Etude Suite for Solo Viola
Couperin La Precieuse
Dittersdorf Sinfonia Concertante for Viola, Bass, Orch.
Dvorak Romance
Finney, RL Sonata No. 1 in A major
Finney, RL Second Sonata
Freed, I. Rhapsody
Fricker Fantasy for Viola & Piano, op. 44
Gal, H. Divertimento, op. 90 #3 for Violin & Viola
Gal, H. Sonata, op. 101
Gardner, M. Rhapsody for Viola & Orch.
Gardner, M. Tricinium, Sonata for Solo Viola
Glinka Sonata in D minor
Grieg Sonata in A minor, op. 36
Handel, D. Mooncycle for Soprano, Viola & Piano
Handel Concerto in B minor
Handoshkin Concerto in C major
Handoshkin Variations on A Russian Song of Love
Harris, R. Soliloquy & Dance
Haydn Divertimento
Heiden, B. Sonata
Hessenberg, K. Sonata, op. 94
Hindemith Duo for Viola & Cello
Hindemith Sonata, op. 25 #4 (1922)
Holst Lyric Movement for Viola & Small Orch.
Hubay Morceau de Concert for Viola & Orch., op. 20
Hummel Fantasy
Husa, Karel Poem for Viola & Chamber Orchestra
Joachim Variations, op. 10
Jongen, J. Allegro Appassionato, op. 79
Juon, P. Sonata, op. 15
Kabalevsky Improvisation
Kiel, F. Three Romances, op. 69
Kodaly Adagio for Viola & Piano
Kreisler Praeludium & Allegro
Kreisler-Oppelt Tambourin Chinois
Krol, B. Lassus-Variationen, op. 33
Lipinski, K. Impromptu-Etude
Loeffler Quartre Poemes for Voice, Viola, & Piano
Loeffler Two Rhapsodies for Viola, Oboe, & Piano
Marais Suite in D major
Martinu Madrigals for Violin & Viola
Mendelssohn Sonata in C minor
Moussorgsky Hopak
Mozart Two Duos for Violin & Viola, K. 423 & 424
Novacek Perpetual Motion
Persichetti Infanta Marina for Viola & Piano
Piston Duo for Viola & Cello
Pochon, A. Passacaglia for Viola Solo
Porter, Q. Concerto
Porter, Q. Duo for Viola & Harp (or Harpsichord)
Prokofiev Danse de Jeunes Antillaises
Rawsthorne, Alan Sonata for Viola & Piano
Rolla Idylls for Solo Viola
Schumann Adagio & Allegro, op. 70
Schumann Marchenbilder
Senaille Allegro Spirituoso
Shtrum, Haim Invenzione con Spirito, Sonata for Solo Viola (1991)
Simons, N. Songs for Wendy, for Voice & Viola
Spisak, M. Duetto Concertante, for Viola & Bassoon
Stevens, H. Suite (1959)
Stevens, H. Suite (1969)
Suderburg, R. Chamber Music VI, 3 Movements for Viola & Double Bass
Telemann Twelve Fantasies for Solo Viola
Turina, J. Scene Andalouse for Viola, St. Qt., & Piano
Vaughan-Will. Suite (8 mvts.)
Vaughan-Will. Romance
Verrall, J. Sonata No. 1 for Viola & Piano
Vieuxtemps Capriccio for Solo Viola
Vieuxtemps Elegie, op. 30
Villa-Lobos Duo for Violin & Viola
Ward, R. Arioso & Tarantella
Weber, KM Variations for Viola & Piano
Whitaker, Michael "If Buifs" for Solo Viola
Williamson, M. Partita for Viola on Themes of Walton
Wilson, G. Sonata for Viola & Piano
Winters, G. Sonata No. 1, op. 8
Wolf, H. Italian Serenade, for Viola & Orch.
Wranitzky Concerto for Two Violas & Orch.

Level III
Bacewicz Four Capricci
Bach-Kodaly Fantasia Cromatica
Babbitt, M. Composition for Viola & Piano
Beethoven Eyglass Duo for Viola & Cello
Beethoven Notturno
Berkowitz, S. Introduction and Scherzo
Berlioz Harold in Italy
Bliss Sonata for Viola & Piano
Bloch Suite for Viola Solo
Bozza Improvisation & Burlesque
Brahms Sonata in D major, op. 78 (trans.)
Brahms Sonata in F major, op. 120 #1
Brahms Sonata in Eb major, op. 120 #2
Britten Lachrymae
Chihara, P. Redwood, for Viola & Percussion
Cooper, P. Variants II for Viola & Piano
Davies, PM The Door of the Sun, for Solo Viola
Denniston, D. "One Thought Fills Immensity" for Solo Viola
Despic Monologue (1979), op. 66 for Viola Solo
Duisberg Relativity's Rainbow for Viola & Bassoon
Enesco Concertpiece
Finko Concerto for Viola & Orch.
Finko Concerto for Viola, St. Bass., & Orch.
Forsyth, M. Steps, for Viola & Piano
Franck Sonata in A major
Fricker Concerto
Fricker Thee Movements for Solo Viola, op. 25
Fuchs, L. Sonata Pastorale
Gardner, M. Concerto for Violin, Viola & Orch.
Gould, M. Concerto
Handel-Halvorsen Passacaglia for Violin and Viola
Handel-Holvorsen Sarabande with Variations for Violin & Viola
Hindemith Sonata, op. 11 #4 for Viola & Piano
Hindemith Sonata, op. 25 #1 for Solo Viola
Hoddinott, Alun Concertino for Viola & Small Orchestra
Honegger Sonata
Janacek Children's Rhymes for Solo Viola, Choir, & Piano
Kechley, D. Sonata for Viola & Piano
Kimber, Michael Sonata for Solo Viola (1997)
Kornauth, E. Sonata in C# minor, op. 3
Korngold Four Pieces, op. 11 for Viola & Piano
Levin, H. Seven Pieces for Viola & Piano
Martinu Rhapsody-Concerto for Viola & Piano
Martinu Sonata for Viola & Piano
Medins Sonata for Viola & Piano
Milhaud Quatre Visage for Viola & Piano
Milhaud Sonata No. 1 for Viola & Piano
Milhaud Sonata No. 2 for Viola & Piano
Miletic, M. Concerto
Morrill, Dexter Dance Bagatelles for Viola and Piano (1994)
Mozart Sinfonia Concertante in Eb major, K. 354
Mozart Sinfonia Concertante in A major, K. 104
Pasatieri Sonata for Viola & Piano
Pasatieri Windsong, for Voice, Viola, & Piano
Patterson, P. Tides of Mananan, op. 64, for Solo Viola
Penderecki Cadenza for Solo Viola
Persichetti Parable for Solo Viola
Piston Concerto
Porter Suite for Viola Alone
Prokofiev Theme & Processional from "Peter and the Wolf"
Rolla, A. Adagio and Theme with Variations
Reger Three Solo Suites, op. 131d
Rochberg, G. Sonata for Viola & Piano (1979)
Sapieyevski Concerto for Viola & Winds
Schafer, G. Expressioni
Schubert Sonata in A minor "Arpeggione"
Sculthorpe Sonata for Viola & Percussion
Serly, T. Rhapsody on Folk Songs for Viola & Orch.
Shostakovich Sonata, op. 147, for Viola & Piano
Shulman, A. Theme & Variations for Viola and Orch.
Stravinsky Elegie, for Solo Viola
Tircuit, H. Sonata (Homage to Mahler)
Tufts, P. Sonata (1967)
Tufts, P. Suite
Tufts, P. Sonata (1978)
Tufts, P. Three Pieces for Violin & Viola (1981)
Vaughan-Will. Flos Campi for Viola, Ch. Choir, & Ch. Orch.
Verrall, J. Sonata No. 2 for Viola & Piano
Vitali Chaccona for Viola & Piano
Vitetta Etude Caprice, No. 1 in E minor
Weber Andante & Rondo Ongarese for Viola & Orch.
Wellesz Rhapsody for Viola Solo
Wieniawski Alla Saltarella, op. 10 #5
Wieniawski Alla Saltarella, op. 18 #4
Wieniawski Scherzo-Tarantella
Wilson, E. Sonata for Viola & Piano
Wilson, G. Sonata for Viola & Piano
Winters, G. Sonata No. 2, op. 57

Level IV
Bach, JS Sonatas & Partitas for Solo Viola
Bartok Concerto
Bekku Concerto
Benjamin Elegy, Waltz, & Toccata
Benjamin Le Tombeau de Ravel
Benjamin Romantic Fantasy, for Violin, Viola, and Orchestra
Bergsma Fantastic Variations on a themes from "Tristan"
Bergsma Sweet was the Song the Virgin Sung; Tristan Revisited; Concerto for Viola & Orch.
Berio Sequenza
Bloch Suite (1919)
Bozza Parthie
Colgrass Variations for Four Drums & Viola
Dahl, I. Divertimento for Viola and Piano
Draganski Variations for Solo Viola
Epstein, D. Fantasy Variations for Solo Viola
Fink, P. Fantasy for Solo Viola
Friedman, JP Concerto (in the form of Variations) for Viola & Orch.
Ghent, E. Entelechy, Concertpiece for Viola & Piano
Gould, M. Concertette
Hamilton, Iain Sonata for Viola & Piano, op. 9
Hindemith Kammermusik No. 5, op. 36 #4
Hindemith Konzertmusik
Hindemith Der Schwanendreher
Hindemith Sonata op. 11 #5 for Solo Viola
Hindemith Sonata (1939) for Viola & Piano
Jacob, G. Concerto No. 1
Jacob, G. Concerto No. 2
Kelterborn Nine Moments
Mead, A. Sonata for Solo Viola
Milhaud Concerto No. 1
Milhaud Concerto No. 2
Musgrave Elegy for Viola & Cello
Nixon, R. Concerto
Paganini La Campanella
Paganini 24 Caprices
Paganini Caprice #13 for Viola & Piano
Paganini Caprice #20 for Viola & Piano
Paganini Caprice #24 for Viola & Piano
Paganini Sonata for Grand Viola & Orch.
Schuman, W. Concerto on Old English Rounds, for Viola, Women's Chorus, & Orch.
Serly, T. Concerto
Serly, T. Sonata in modus Lascivus for Solo Viola
Starer, R. Concerto for Viola, Strings, & Percussion
Suderburg, R. Solo Music II, Ritual Lyrics and Dances for Solo Viola
Szentkiralyi Monologo for Solo Viola
Verrall, J. Concerto
Vieuxtemps Sonata in Bb major for Viola & Piano, op. 36
Walton Concerto
Zimmerman Sonata for Viola Solo
Zimbalist Sarasateana, Suite of Spanish Dances

(In order of difficulty)
Wohlfahrt Foundation Studies for the Viola
Blumenstengel 24 Studies, op. 33
Kayser 36 Studies, op. 20
Mogill Selected Etudes
Schradieck School of Viola Technique
Reher, S. 12 Studies for Viola
Dont 24 Etudes, op. 37
Kruetzer Etudes
Rode 24 Caprices
Rolla Esercizio ed Arpegio
Hoffmeister Viola Etudes
Campagnoli 41 Caprices, op. 22
Fuchs, L. 15 Characteristic Studies
Fuchs, L. 16 Fantasy Etudes
Fuchs, L. Caprices
Palaschko Twelve Studies, op. 36
Palaschko Twelve Studies, op. 55
Kimber, Michael Twelve Caprices
Palaschko Ten Studies, op. 49
Schloming 24 Etudes, op. 15
Paganini 24 Caprices